Take 5! with Sarika Hemi

Image of Sarika Hemi

Our first edition of TAKE 5! We feature Sarika Hemi Lakhani. She is the Producer of Nairobi Half Life (2012), Soul Boy (2010) and Supa Modo (2018). Sarika is an  Award-winning film producer with expertise in international film training, development & co-production.

Q: What do you like most about your job as a producer?

A:The opportunity to create across borders.

Q: What do you consider your artistic process when it comes to making a film

A:My mind is constantly absorbing inspiration – by observing human interactions, reading, watching films, following the news, visiting exhibitions. As random these might occur, they all feed into what becomes a project and eventually a film.

Q: Why did you start making films?

A: As a way to connect to the world. Growing up, cinema and watching movies gave me this unique feeling of belonging, of “we are not alone”.

Q:What are you currently watching Sarika?

A:The selection box for the European Film Awards.

Q:Any advice to those starting out in the film

A: Just because others can not see (yet), it does not mean that it is not there – and possible.