Take 5! With Ivy Kiru

Ivy Kiru is a Creative who aspires to bring authentic African heroine stories to the forefront and give a voice to the rich human experience that would otherwise never be told. She has been in the industry for a decade working on international commercials, narrative music videos, documentaries and fiction projects.

Q: What do you like most about your job as a producer / director?

A: I find fulfillment in the dynamic and collaborative nature of my work, overseeing the creative process and managing the intricacies of production. The joy of bringing stories to life through collaboration with talented professionals, discovering emerging talents, and contributing to the global cinematic landscape is a source of satisfaction. Successfully managing budgets and schedules, overcoming challenges, and the potential for industry recognition and awards, adds a layer of accomplishment to my job.

Q: What do you consider your artistic process when it comes to making a film?

A: My artistic process starts with choosing compelling stories that resonate with my creative sensibilities and have the potential to captivate audiences. I work closely with Writers during the development stage to refine the script and ensure its cinematic potential.

I collaborate with the Director and key creative team to establish a unified vision for the film. This involves discussions about the visual style, tone and overall atmosphere that they want to convey to the audience. Also selecting the right cast is a crucial artistic decision. I participate in casting decisions, aiming to assemble a talented ensemble that can bring the characters to life. I am involved in editing, sound design, and other aspects that shape the final product. I ensure we maintain the artistic integrity of the film during this critical phase, collaborating with the directing and post-production team to achieve the desired impact. While not traditionally considered part of the artistic process, my decisions in marketing and promoting the film can significantly impact its reception. Crafting a compelling promotional campaign that reflects the film’s artistic qualities is an important aspect of the overall process. Throughout these stages, my artistic process involves a balance between creative expression and practical considerations. The ability to translate a compelling vision into a successful film requires a keen understanding of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and the collaborative dynamics of the filmmaking process.

Q: Why did you start making films?

A: My love for cinema stemmed from a lifelong passion for watching and analyzing films. I always appreciated the unique ability of film to transport me to different worlds, evoke certain emotions, and tell stories in a visually compelling way. Later in life I had this desire to make meaningful impact and cultivate a collective cinema culture, just like I had growing up. I have this excitement of exploring different genres, styles, and cinematic techniques which is a driving force, and the aspiration to create works that resonate with others. Film has potential to provoke thought and inspire action, all while doing so in an entertaining way.

Q: What are you currently watching?

A: I am currently watching ‘Everything Now’ on Netflix. Beautifully told character driver story of an anorexic teen girl, portrayed in a realistic way who is both flawed and lovable

Q: Any advice to those starting out in the film industry ?

A: Passion is the one thing that will drive you when nothing else pans out. For those embarking on a journey in the film industry, my advice is to start small and create your own opportunities, showcasing your creativity through self-initiated projects and seek constructive feedback. Actively network with industry professionals, attend events, and seek mentorship to broaden your connections and knowledge. Adaptability is crucial in this dynamic field, so embrace change and stay open to new ideas. Above all, maintain a passion for storytelling.