Take 5! with Daphne Ampire

Meet Daphne Ampire, a  Ugandan Award winning Screen Writer, Actress Producer and   Managing Director of Floating Duck Productions Limited.

Q: What do you like most about your job as a producer?

A: As a producer, I feel like a glorified babysitter, it is extremely rewarding though, I get to push my team to the limit and have them produce to their best. The reward of seeing audiences relate to and love our work makes the long nights and days worth it.

Q: What do you consider your artistic process when it comes to making a film?

A:Story story story, when writing story, at filming story, when editing story, when marketing, story. The message is usually at the center of how I will respond, and the audiences I will draw to it. So the story, I constantly have pen and paper to keep me organized because of the chaos, I also constantly read the script to look for ideas.

Q: Why did you start making films?

A:I started making films because I fell in love with performance in high school and the entire expression of literature and art, film was the only field that made sense to express myself.

Q:What are you currently watching?

A:I am currently watching anything action-related, I love action movies.

Q:Any advice to those starting out in the film

A:Yes, tenacity, be determined and decided.